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Found this from a GW2 player @ the official forums. I found these tips to be useful:

Since there have been a few recent threads by people wanting to get into WvW and since whatever earlier advice threads there were are buried I thought I’d start a new one with some basic stuff.
If you are interested in WvW this game allows you to do it no matter what level you are.
Be aware that your stats get buffed to 80 but your gear doesn’t. This makes you a bit weak but it doesn’t make it unplayable.
While you are low level and unfamiliar with WvW you are probably best off staying with large groups rather than roaming with a group of 5 or so looking for small group fights.
Just because you are low level and can’t hit all that hard doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to the fights. Crowd control works whatever level you are, so do group buffs, heals, and whatever utility your class has.
In fact, one of the strongest WvW abilities in the game, blocking treb shots, can be done by a naked level 1 elementalist using a white focus. You can’t keep a tower wall standing all by yourself but you can make it take 2 to 3 times as long to knock it down (3 eles could protect a wall from a treb indefinitely).
Always carry supply. Always take it from supply camps when you go thru them, never from towers or keeps.
Build the siege equipment people put out. Don’t wait for others to do it, they may need to kill defenders first and they will be faster at it than you but everyone’s build speed is the same. If you can afford it carry some yourself and place it if needed.
Man siege equipment if you know what your doing (or even if you don’t and there is no one else around). They are easy enough to figure out.
Arrow carts do great damage whatever level you are. A handful of people using arrow carts can defend a tower against a much larger group.
Rez people right away. As long as it is safe enough so that you don’t get killed before you get them up you will probably be contributing more by doing that than you would be doing trying to get kills (and you get xp for it).
If you are worried that you are taking the place in WvW of someone higher level who could be helping your server more, if there is no queue, then you are not taking anyone’s place.
If there is a queue and you feel guilty about it, check if there is a borderland with no queue.
I wouldn’t really worry about it tho, if you are doing the things I said above you will be helping more than what a lot of people do in WvW.
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